Competitive Rates

Rates as low as 4.5% on terms of 24 – 72 months with 1st payment only in advance, subject to OAC.

Get your equipment fast

Our finance partners will review your application and come to a decision within 1 business day. After you're approved, we'll get your trailer safetied, licensed, and ready for pickup. You'll be on the road in no time!

Control your cash flow

Small payments over the term of your lease means your equipment will start earning you money while you pay it off, making it easy to balance your expense to revenue ratio.

Potential tax savings

In many instances, leasing provides a business with income tax benefits by allowing you to expense lease payments rather than depreciating the capital cost of equipment. Always consult your tax advisor to find out how leasing can benefit the tax position of your business.

Increase buying power

Leverage your buying power and free up cash with periodic payments rather than one upfront purchase. You can add any extra features or accessories you need into your lease. So don't forget to load up on straps, chains, etc while you're here!

Seasonal payment options

Many financiers will offer flexible payment structures such as: seasonally, semi-annually or annually to line up with your income.